TRC-1280 Wand-Style Color Touchscreen Wi-Fi Handheld Remote

The Total Control System’s TRC-1280.


The Total Control System’s TRC-1280 features a brilliant, large 2.8-inch color LCD screen that provides elegant control of your home. This beauty comes to life when you pick it up and responds when you touch an icon on the screen with your fingertip. It integrates with your whole-house system and provides instant access to entertainment, security, climate and more! The TRC-1280 also features intuitively placed hard buttons to control all options quickly and conveniently as needed.

This remote can be custom programmed with your favorite functions and graphics and requires a Total Control Advanced Network Controller in the system. The TRC-1280 includes a rechargeable Lithium Ion battery and charger base. When not in use, the TRC-1280 sits in its base to assure that it’s always fully-powered and ready for action and that you’ll always know where to find it. Both remote and charger are designed to match any decor.


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