MRX-4SEN Sensor Extender

Get Extra Sensory Perception: Compact, Versatile and Seamlessly Integrated with Total Control!


This solution is the perfect complement to your Total Control system when combined with any of URCs six new sensors*. Thanks to the MRX-4SEN, your network system controller will always stay in the know about whats happening with other devices in your home or office. In fact, from the moment your URC custom installer adds this unit to your system, youll enjoy a whole new level of automation.

How far can your imagination take you?
The MRX-4SEN detects changes in connected URC sensors and communicates these changes to the main network system controller to start any series of activities you choose automatically! Wouldnt it be nice to have the blinds lower at the exact moment dawn breaks daily based on a change in ambient light? Just have your installer connect a light sensor to the MRX-4SEN within your control system its that simple.

Small on size but big on versatility and benefits, it fits virtually anywhere making it even easier to enjoy total control of just about anything. Simply Brilliant.

*The MRX-4SEN is compatible with other Total Control products and URCs Video, Contact Closure, Light, Audio, Current and Voltage sensors. Sensors sold separately.

*This item is compatible with other Total Control products only.


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