MRX-20 Advanced On-screen Network Controller

Network controller with dynamic onscreen interface for controlled entertainment and home automation


The MRX-20 brings you and your family a gorgeous TV screen interface for easy control of your home system typically without interrupting what you are watching on TV.
This controller provides simple to navigate on-screen menus for viewing and controlling things not only on the TV such as cable, BluRay, movies and more, but also home
systems such as music, security, HVAC and beyond.

With compatible URC gyroscopic remotes, you can move your hand and the cursor will follow on screen, and use specific buttons for control and access as you wish.
Pull up your favorite channels and a clear overlay menu for various functions will appear right over top of what youre currently watching. Then do things such as choose
music from various components, turn on and off house lights and more right from your couch.

Best of all? This controller is equipped with loads of ports so that your URC professional installer can expand your system down the road.

•Compatible with URC Gyroscopic Remote Controls models TRG-100 (basic features) and TRG-200 (additional features / buttons)
•TRG-100/200 are sold separately
•RF Range: For TRG-100 and TRG-200, 50 to 100 feet depending upon the environment (optional TRF-GE1 Extender can provide greater distance)
•An MRX-10 or MRX-20 is required in all Total Control systems. Multiple MRX-10/20s may be used in one system, as long as one controller is designated as the “Master.”
•Off-site professional installer programming via the internet when system is registered

*This item is compatible with other Total Control products only.


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