MRX-10 Advanced Network System Controller

Now any device is network compatible with the MRX-10.


When installing a network IP controlled system, your installer will integrate the MRX-10 as the central hub for all communication. The MRX-10 gets positioned neatly in the main equipment rack and it stores and issues one touch automation commands for all of your components throughout the house over your home network.

The benefit of network control is that it provides lightning fast response time with 100% accuracy and absolutely no outside interruptions. The MRX-10 enhances that experience by enabling you to control virtually any type of component over the network, even if they’re not equipped with network technology.

Here’s how it works: the MRX-10 receives IP commands from a network controller and distributes them through walls and floors within the range of your home network. Control lighting, blinds and drapes, audio equipment, media servers and much more. Installing the MRX-10 along with TRC-780 remote controls provides powerful two-way system status feedback to allow you control of any room, with any remote, from anywhere on the network. A very convenient feature for when the kids fall asleep with the TV blasting and you’re already in bed. You can also link rooms and share sources, ideal for when you want to hear what someone else is listening to in the kitchen and you’re in the family room.

Possibilities for total control are endless since the system allows you to add on MRX-2 “sub-base stations.” The MRX-10 can route automation commands to multiple MRX-2s on the network enabling network control in any additional zone at any time. Open up endless possibilities for total control with the MRX-10 and accompanying network controllers.

•Stores and issues commands and macros for all IP, IR, RS-232, Relay, Sensor and 12V controlled devices in one system
•Provides two-way feedback from URC Total Control line products
•Expandable via Local Area Network (LAN) utilizing sub-base stations MRX-2, MRX-4IR and MRX-4SEN
•Routes macro steps to IR, RS-232, Relays and Sensors to multiple MRX-2s
•Ports include IR (8), RS-232 (4), Sensor (4), Relay (2), 12-volt output (2)
•Use with URC’s TRF-ZW2 to add control of hundreds of Z-Wave enabled products
•Off-site programming via the internet when system is registered
•Easy rack-mounting (requires RMK-1)

*This item is compatible with other Total Control products only.


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