This is a list of product catagories that we can source.

Access control and alarm monitoring systems
Acoustic alarms
Acoustic sound alarms
Air filters for automation equipment, namely, computers and copier machines
Alarm sensors
Analog cameras
Analog to digital converter (ADCs)
Audio cables;
Audio speakers
Audio- and video-receivers
Automatic nozzles
Burglar alarms
Burglar alarms
Cable modems
Cable television converters
Cables and fibres for the transmission of sounds and images;
Camera hardware systems for IP (Internet protocol) video surveillance
CD Drives for computers;
Central processing units (CPU)
Cinematographic machines and apparatus
Cinematographic projectors
Climate control systems consisting of digital thermostats for cooling equipment, and a programmable logic controller (PLC) with input and output features for temperature and humidity, which works with a remote digital read out controller
Closed circuit TV systems for security and surveillance, namely, cameras, switchers, monitors, microphones, and recorders
Coaxial cables
Coaxial cables incorporating filters
Component video cables
Computer cables
Computer graphics boards
Computer hardware and software systems for remotely controlling lighting devices within a building
Computer hardware for communicating audio, video and data between computers via a global computer network, wide-area computer networks, and peer-to-peer computer networks
Computer hardware for IP video surveillance
Computer hardware for upload, storage, retrieval, download, transmission and delivery of digital content
Computer hardware for wireless content delivery;
Computer keypads
Computer monitor mounts
Computer mounts
Computer network adapters;
Computer network adapters, switches, routers and hubs
Computer network hubs
Computer network switches
Computer networking hardware
Computer screens
Computer serial ports
Computer software for communicating with users of hand-held computers
Computer software to control and improve computer and audio equipment sound quality
Computer storage devices, namely, high-speed storage subsystems for storage and backup of electronic data either locally or via a telecommunications network
Connection cables
Connections, electric
Consumer electronic products, namely, audio amplifiers, audio speakers, audio receivers, electrical audio and speaker cables and connectors, audio decoders, video decoders, speakers, power conversion devices, power converters, and power inverters
Converters, electric
Copper wire, insulated
Decorative switch plate covers
Digital audio players
Digital door locks
Digital phones
Digital signage display panels
Digital signal processors;
Digital telephone switching apparatus
Digital to analog converters (DACs)
Digital versatile disc player
Digital video cameras
Digital video recorders
Digital video recording software for IP (Internet protocol) video surveillance
Dish antennas
DVD burners
DVD drives
DVD recorders
Ear phones
Earphones and headphones
Electric and electronic video surveillance installations
Electric and magnetic contacts
Electric audio playback units
Electric circuit openers
Electric circuit switches;
Electric control devices for heating and energy management
Electric converters
Electric door chimes;
Electric light dimmers
Electric light switches
Electric locks
Electric relays
Electric sensors
Electric signs
Electric switches
Electric transformers
Electric water levelers for ponds, fountains, and artificial lakes
Electrical controls for irrigation sprinkler systems
Electrical ducts
Electrical outlet plates
Electroacoustic transducers
Electronic automated beverage dispensing machines, not heated or cooled
Electronic controllers used to reduce power consumption
Electronic controls for motors;
Electronic devices for assisting care giving for seniors or people needing assistance comprised of sensors for determining status of person and apparatus for sending electronic alerts to care givers;
Electronic display interfaces
Electronic door alarms
Electronic exit alarms
Electronic glass break detectors
Electronic lock assemblies
Electronic locks
Electronic metering faucets
Electronic motor switches for switching off motors
Electronic plant moisture sensor
Electronic readers and controllers for controlling access to a premises
Electronic security and surveillance devices, namely, electronic security tags and labels, acoustic tags, magnetic tags
Electronic video surveillance products, namely, electronic components of security systems
Environmental monitoring system comprised of meters and sensors that measure pressure, humidity, temperature and includes alarm and reporting functions
Ethernet cables
Ethernet controllers
Ethernet repeaters
Fire alarm and emergency evacuation devices, namely, fire alarm control panels, smoke detectors, heat detectors, alarm pull stations, audible and visible notification appliances, strobes, sirens, bells, horns, and speakers
Fire alarms
Fire and smoke detectors
Flat panel display screens
Flexible flat panel displays for computers
Gas alarms
Gas meters
Graphical user interface software
Handheld computers
Handheld personal computers;
Headsets for cellular or mobile phones
Headsets for telephones
High definition televisions (HDTVs);
Home and office electrical power automation systems comprising wireless and wired controllers, controlled devices, and software for appliances, lighting, HVAC, security and other home and office electrical power monitoring and control applications
Home theater products, namely, LCD
Identity cards, magnetic
Internet radios
Internet-ready televisions
IP (Internet protocol) cameras;
IP (Internet protocol) speed dome cameras
IP video servers
Laptop computers
LCD large-screen displays
LCD monitors for security purposes
LCD projectors
Lenses for cameras
Light switches
Lighting control apparatus
Lighting controls
Local switches
Locks, electric
Loud speakers
Loudspeaker cabinets
Loudspeaker systems
Loudspeakers, headphones, microphones and CD players
Matrix switchers for audio and video signals
Memory expansion modules
Motion detectors
Motion-activated cameras
Mounting devices for cameras and monitors
Movie projectors
MP3 players
Multi-outlet socket blocks
Multiple purpose cameras
Near field communication (NFC) technology-enabled readers
Netbook computers
Network routers
Network servers
Notebook computers
Occupancy sensors, namely, electronic devices which detect the presence of occupants and control the lighting system accordingly
OLED (Organic light emitting diode) display panels
Optical cables
Optical disc drives
Paging apparatus
Paging equipment
PC digital video recorders
Personal computers
Personal headphones for use with sound transmitting systems
Personal security alarms that connect to a wireless communications network
Personal stereos
Personal video recorders (PVRs)
Plasma display panel
(PDP) televisions
Plasma televisions
Plastic conduit for use in electrical installations
Plug-in connectors
Portable computers
Portable listening devices, namely, MP3 players
Power controllers;
Power distributing boxes
Power line conditioners
Power strips
Pressure transmitters;
Projection screens
Radio and television aerials
RAM (random access memory) card;
Receivers for receiving cable television
Receivers for satellites
Receiving antennas for satellite broadcast
Relays, electric
Remote controls for radios, televisions, stereos, lighting
Round plug connectors
Safety sensors, namely, carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, and combination carbon monoxide and smoke detectors
Satellite aerials
Satellite dishes
Satellite dishes for satellite transmissions
Satellite receivers
Secure Digital (SD) Memory Cards
Security control panels and motion detectors
Set-top boxes
Short range radios
Smoke alarms
Smoke detectors
Solar panels for production of electricity
Solid state storage, namely, a nonvolatile storage medium that employs integrated circuits
Speech recognition software
Static electricity eliminators;
Stereo amplifiers
Stereo tuners
Surge protectors
Switches, electric
Tablet computer
Tablet computers
Telecommunication cables
Telecommunications and data networking hardware, namely, devices for transporting and aggregating voice, data, and video communications across multiple network infrastructures and communications protocols
Telecommunications transmitters
Telephone apparatus
Telephone connectors
Telephone sets
Telephone sets with screen and keyboard;
Television and video converters
Television antennas
Television apparatus for projection purposes
Television decoder
Television monitors
Television monitors with television tuners;
Television receivers
Television screen protectors in the nature of acrylic shields to be mounted over television screens
Television sets
Television transmitters
Television tuners
Televisions and video recorders
Temperature indicators
Temperature sensors
Temperature switches and sensors for monitoring, controlling, and switching hydraulic or pneumatic systems
Theatre glasses
Threaded cable connectors of metal
Time switches
Touch pads
Touch panels
Touchscreen monitors
Touchscreen sensors
TV cameras
TV monitors
Uninterruptible electrical power supplies
Vehicle tracking devices comprised of cellular radio modules, computer software and computer hardware, sensors, transmitters, receivers and global positioning satellite receivers, all for use in connection with vehicle tracking, vehicle monitoring and anti-theft vehicle alarms
Video cables
Video disc players
Video graphics controller
Video multiplexers
Video phones
Video processors
Video projectors
Video receivers
Video recorders
Voice over internet protocol
(VOIP) phone adapter
Water filter controllers
Water meters
Wind indicator, namely, powder for use in detecting and analyzing air currents
Wind socks for indicating wind direction and intensity
Wireless cellular phone headsets
Wireless communication devices for voice, data or image transmission
Wireless electronic visitor chimes
Wireless headsets for smartphones
Wireless routers
Wireless transmitters and receivers
Wires, electric